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Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System Client Portal Disclaimer. The Client Portal and the OTRS website are intended to provide general information to clients of OTRS. The information presented is a summary of the statutes, rules, and regulations that govern OTRS and not a complete statement of the applicable law. Benefit calculators are intended to assist clients in becoming acquainted with the pertinent factors that constitute the calculation of retirement benefits. While the OTRS always strives to provide accurate data on the Client Portal, we assume no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of any client data presented, nor for retirement estimates and other calculators provided on this site. Our estimators and calculators provide users with estimates that may be different than the actual amount the client is entitled to, as they often rely on information provided by the client. Estimates produced by these calculators shall not be considered final or binding benefit amounts or purchase costs. Use of the calculators and estimators creates no contractual obligation between a client and OTRS. Eligibility and calculation of benefits or purchase amounts are governed by laws and rules in effect at the time benefits or purchase amounts become payable and are based on verified member information.

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